We grow flowers for someone like you.setting sun-1

We sell to florists, designers, DIY brides restaurants and distributors, and at a local farmer’s markets  in the greater St Louis area.  We’re growing  flowers for you.

We want to brighten your wedding or other special event with the freshest, locally grown flowers possible. We host “pick your own” wedding flower parties that are always a delight (by appointment, only, of course).


bee keeper





We also grow vegetables and keep bees…




We grow under several banners:

Sustainability–  If you came for a visit and watched what we do, you would say, “you’re organic.”  We have not pursued organic certification:  It gets complex.  Instead, we participate in a farmer to farmer certification program called Certified Naturally Grown, which is based on similar standards.sunflower faces

For example, instead of using synthetically derived fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides, we strive to build good soil by amending with organic materials and minerals.  We deal with weeds and insect pest in a way that we believe honors our commitment to long-term care of our farm, our watershed, our environment and your world.  To us, farming practices matter, even if you don’t eat the flowers.

IMG_8886Slow Flowers–  We delight in providing to those who value and seek out locally grown…     What gives us pleasure is offering the freshest flower-buying experience.  Imagine — someone looks at our flowers–  a smile emerges,– and the thought, the question,

“Who can I give these flowers to…..?”

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We believe the world becomes a better place as more people like you give flowers.IMG_4729

Flower Hill Farm is 35 acre of rolling hills, fields, and woods located in Beaufort, Missouri, one hour west of St Louis.  It’s our mission to continuously get better at what we do, which still seems easy at this point, as we enter our fifth year in production.banner-1

Thank you for your interest in Flower Hill Farm.